Iron Filters

What is “iron” in water?

Two forms of “iron” are commonly found in ground water; dissolved and precipitated.
1. Dissolved iron (ferrous) is colourless and odourless and can be measured by simple chemical analysis. It is commonly called “clear water iron”.
2. Precipitated iron (ferric) is readily apparent as it is yellow in colour. It is actually rust (iron oxide). It is commonly called “red water iron”.

It occurs when dissolved iron is exposed to oxygen, either in the water or from exposure to air. A chemical reaction takes place changing the dissolved iron into a solid, causing it precipitate out of solution, turning the water yellow and staining fixtures and clothes. It is not easily removed since it forms a strong bond with the stained material.

It is obvious that iron should be removed from the water while still in the dissolved form and staining has not occurred.

There are two processes that are commonly used to effectively remove dissolved iron; ion exchange and oxidation/filtration.

1. Ion exchange removal is accomplished using a properly sized “Kinetico water softener”.
2. Oxidation/filtration is done by inducting air into the water stream, then passing the air-charged water through a “Kinetico iron filter” containing a catalytic media that causes the iron to precipitate out of solution and be filtered from the water. The system then automatically backwashes the iron out on a regular basis. This process is pH sensitive and may require that the acidity be removed from the water, (see “pH booster” under filter section).
There are times when both the above processes are required, such as in the presence of Hydrogen Sulphide (sulphur / rotten egg smell) and iron in the source water.

Why a “Kinetico Iron Removal System”
- Kinetico is non-electric.  No computers to fail, clocks to set, or valves to stick.
- Kinetico is simply run by water flow and water pressure.  It is extremely reliable with a 10 year manufacturers warranty.
- Kinetico is a twin-tank system.  Treated water always on tap – 24/7 – no down time.
It backwashes itself automatically, with already treated water, as opposed to single tank systems that use untreated water.