Tannin Removal

What are “tannins”?
“Tannins” are organic compounds that are the byproducts of decaying vegetation in the ground. They are essentially tea, and discolour the water. Tannins can cause staining to white fabrics and fixtures. They most commonly occur in surface water such as lakes and rivers and occasionally in wells.

How can “Tannins” be removed from water?
“Tannin” removal will depend on levels present in the water source.
Lower levels can be dealt with using “activated carbon” backwashing filters (see under filter section).
Higher levels require a “Tannin Plus Softener”.

“Tannin plus softeners” combine 2 types of resin. One to remove the “tannins” and the second to remove “hard minerals”, such as calcium.
“Tannin plus softeners” require salt to regenerate the “mixed bed” media. Common softener salt is NaCl (sodium chloride). The ‘Na’ ion regenerates the softener resin and the ‘Cl’ ion cleans the tannin resin.

Why a “Kinetico Tannin Plus Softener”?
- Kinetico is non-electric. No computers to fail, clocks to set, or valves to stick.
- Kinetico is simply run by water flow and water pressure.  It is extremely reliable with a 10 year manufacturers warranty.
- Kinetico is a twin-tank system.  Treated water always on tap – 24/7 – no down time.  It regenerates itself automatically, in an up-flow current, with already treated water, as opposed to single tank systems that use untreated water.
- Kinetico is extremely efficient in the use of salt for regeneration, saving resources and money.