Water Softeners

What is “water hardness”?
 “Water hardness” refers to water that contains dissolved minerals. The most common of which is Calcium (limestone).

What does a Kinetico Water Softener do?
A Water Softener removes these dissolved minerals from the water by an “ion exchange” process. The “hard mineral ions” in the water are exchanged for “soft mineral ions” that are attached to the resin beads in the water softener. When these “soft mineral ions” become depleted, the softener goes through a “regeneration process” which restores these ions. This is when salt is used to replenish the resin with “soft mineral ions”.

What are the benefits of a “Kinetico Water Softener”?
The prescence of “hard minerals” in water creates many problems:
-  people with sensitive skin often find skin irritation from these minerals.
-  these minerals combine with soaps and detergents to form a “scum” in the bathtub and a firmness to laundered clothes.
-  these minerals precipitate out and form a layer of scale on heating surfaces such as in kettles, hot water tanks and water furnaces. This reduces the efficiency and adds to the cost of heating the water.
-  dishes washed in a dishwasher come out “foggy” and “frosted” looking.
-  these minerals reduce the effectiveness of soaps and detergents, increasing the use of these various products.

A “Kinetico Water Softener” addresses the above problems, saving time, energy and money.

Why a “Kinetico Water Softener”?
- Kinetico is non-electric.
No computers to malfunction, no clocks to set, and no valves to stick.
- Kinetico is simply run by water flow and water pressure.
It is extremely reliable with a 10 year manufacturers warranty.
- Kinetico is a twin-tank system.
Treated water always on tap – 24/7 – no down time.
It regenerates (cleans) itself automatically, with already treated water, as opposed to single tank systems that use untreated water.
- Kinetico is extremely efficient in the use of salt for regeneration, saving time and money.